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Our Community

Our Community

Judith Porter, the founder and principal consultant of Gaia Grants, is part of the Global Grant Writers Collective. This international group of certified and professional grant writers is dedicated to utilizing innovative methods and adhering to best practices. The collective has awarded grants worth almost $630 million across various industries. Every group member is united in the goal of assisting non-profit organizations in achieving their program objectives and making a positive impact.

Parallel Lines
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Founder and Lead Grant Consultant

Judith Porter, CGW, BA, MAT, has three decades of experience as a science educator and is a certified grant writer and Federal Grants award recipient. Her superpower is STEAM education, and her passions include any enterprise that improves the quality of life for individuals, communities, and our planet.

"Ensuring equal access to education is paramount, and I am committed to continuing my work in this field. However, many other industries require urgent funding, such as mental health, affordable housing, and social justice issues, to name a few. The most effective way for me to use my skills and contribute to positive transformation is by helping non-profit organizations identify and pursue funding opportunities.

- Judith Porter

Comptroller: Deborah Burr

CFO: Michael A. Fowler, Sr.

Assistant Editor: Darri Murphy, RN, MSN

Grant Controllers: Vicki Jones, Faiza Peetz.

Technical Writer, Independent Editor, Freelance Journalist: Ann Bert, MA.

Independent Editors: Patricia Frederick, Kimberly Lang, and Joy Dinkelman. 

*All certified grant writers are members of the Global Grant Writers Collective.

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We abide by the SOP as stated in the Grant Professionals Association Code of Ethics. You can view them here.

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