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We assist nonprofit organizations with the time-consuming tasks of comprehensive grant research, writing, and managment.

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Power Prospectus

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Imagine what you could accomplish if you had the money to make it happen. A funding strategy gives you the confidence and a clear plan to acquire the means to create and sustain your programs. It's a road map for finding the most promising grants, creating a timeline, and strategizing to increase your chances of funding approval.

Writing a grant application is a complicated, time-consuming process that often becomes an add-on task beyond the initial scope. That's where we come in. We write compelling narratives with attention to every detail, to complete your winning proposal. From simple foundation grants to large state and federal grants, our expert staff can help.

We created your fantastic funding strategy and compelling grant proposal narrative. What next? Grant Management. We can manage your grants throughout their life cycles. We begin from submission to award to report compliance and closeout. Our capable team focuses on all the grant details, so you don't have to. 

Whether you need funds for capacity building, operating costs, or infrastructure capital, a well-constructed prospectus will captivate your potential donors. It is a snapshot of your organization and concisely illustrates the projects and programs to be funded, including why it matters and the powerful impact they have in the community. 


Let's Start!

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  • Trouble finding new grant opportunities?

  • Wondering if your organization is grant-ready?

  • Do you have a specific grant in mind? 

  • Is it time to consult with an expert and increase your ROI?

Begin by scheduling your free consult today.

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